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Founded in 1989 by Don and Dee Ross and a group of like-minded citizens of Clark County, the Humane Society of Clark County was organized in Arkadelphia Arkansas.  We are a 501c3 no-kill animal shelter, specializing in cats and dogs.  In the beginning the founding members relied on volunteer fosters to help with the homeless pet population until The Human Development Center in Caddo Valley offered some old tennis courts to be used to house the animals.  In 2005, through fundraisers and a grant from the Cabe Foundation, our current building was purchased.  In 2019 the shelter was hit with a flood causing about $100,000.00 in damage and the death of one puppy. This was a huge setback but with the help of our community we were able to continue to serve the community and the abandoned animals. Our long-term goal has been to be able to build a new shelter away from some noisy railroad tracks and in a location with better drainage as we continue to have water issues. 
Dog Shelter


Our mission is to provide for the well-being of pets who are abandoned, mistreated or otherwise in need, to raise public awareness of animal issues and to promote responsible pet ownership. 


Our vision is a Clark County, Arkansas, with no pet overpopulation and where all pets have a humane living environment.

Golden Retriever
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