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2022 Spay/
Neuter data
Cats- 280
Dogs- 203
2022 Adoptions
Cats- 283
Dogs- 93
2023 Spay/
Neuter YTD
Cats- 337
Dogs- 295
2023 YTD
Dog Intakes - 95
Dog Adoptions - 66

Humane Society of Clark County

Serving Clark County Arkansas area since 1987

Three Big Puppies

Our goal is to rescue, heal, restore confidence and find wonderful homes for the many homeless animals of Clark County, Arkansas.  We are a nonprofit organization totally dependent on donations, fundraising and grants.  With the support of businesses and individuals, we have continued hope to help our homeless population,  ANY donation is appreciated.  We/They need your help.  Please visit our donation page for the ways you can donate.

Green Eyed Cat

Weekly Adoption Spotlight

UPDATE:  Handsome has been adopted!!


"So every week, I spend a little time helping down at the Humane Society of Clark County. I’ve decided to highlight an adoptee every week and showcase it on our social media.

With this showcase our family will cover the cost of adoption and work to find a new home for some of the long time humane society pups.

Our adoptee this week is named “Handsome”

He has been at the humane society for 6 months and is patiently waiting for his new home."

If you are interested in adopting Handsome, please contact the shelter at 870-245-2579.  Or visit us at 627 Walnut Street in Arkadelphia.

Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw

South Arkansas Veterinary Hospital

Bradshaw Veterinary Clinic

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